Technology Overview

A PDF 417 2D Barcode

PDF 417 2D Barcode
Ultraforms®: A Massive 2D Barcode Generator

Ultraforms® Technology has been developed under a simple philosophy: build machine readable symbols filled with user-entered data, that can be read by machines without errors. The symbols we build are 2D barcodes.

2D barcodes are a mature technology that is currently being used in a variety of industries: Retail, Military, Health, Insurance, Government, etc. If you want to have a complete overview about 2D barcodes and how they work, please read our 2D Barcodes Technology Overview.

Though 2D barcodes are a proven technology, until now, they needed custom developed applications in order to work. The end-user (the person who fills, prints and signs the form) always had to install a proprietary application specially designed to generate 2D barcodes. In addition, the process owner (the one who needed to gather the data) had to develop and maintain a different application for each platform (WIN, MAC, UNIX, etc) and for each different type of "document" produced.

Once the barcode was produced, the rest of the process ran smoothly. In essence, the generation of the barcode has stopped this technology to successfully enter the forms processing arena, reaching the general public.


Ultraforms® is invisible to the end-user. The end-user completes the PDF fillable form on screen and prints it. That's it.
The only software needed is a PDF Reader (if you use Adobe Reader it works from version 4.05 and up).

Once the form is printed, signed and submitted, its data is captured by scanning the 2D barcode. This guarantees 100% accuracy in the data capture process, while reducing to a minimum the time needed to capture the data. You will never have to worry about errors or false positives again.

Use of the Technology

Anywhere a form has to be filled, printed and submitted, Ultraforms® will provide noticeable cost savings, 100% error-free data, and reduction of process time. This will immediately translate in service quality improvements.

It doesn't matter if the form has one page or many, or if the end-user has a laser or an inkjet printer. All the form's data will be encapsulated in a 2D barcode that can be easily read with a handheld scanner, or with a high speed document scanner equipped with appropriate barcode reading software.

Ultraforms® has been especially designed to work on top of one of the most popular and widespread platforms:
The PDF format. No further installations of software, plug-ins or libraries are required. The only software the end-user needs is a PDF Reader.

Today, more than 800 million people worldwide can start producing unlimited 2D barcodes just by filling and printing a PDF Form. Ultraforms® is the first massive 2D Barcode Generator prepared to be used right away by the general public worldwide.

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