Dataintro Software is focused on helping its customers to design and implement paper data capture solutions to meet their specific business needs. We have formed strong partnerships with companies worldwide to create a partner network that can deliver all elements of a complete Paper Forms Data Capture solution - across the globe.

Like many companies, Dataintro Software alone cannot provide a complete solution for every customer. To meet our customers' needs, Dataintro works in a complementary way with partner companies. Each contributes the product or services they specialize in, and by working together we are able to serve our customers better.

Dataintro has always valued its partner relationships, and recognizes now more than ever that its success, as well as the success of its partners, relies on the breadth and depth of such relationships. That is why Dataintro Software has and continues to develop various business partnerships.

The Dataintro Partner Program is a value-based program for resellers and integrators selling and supporting Dataintro products. Dataintro offers its partners a world-class training, unique pre- and post-sales support, attractive sales incentives, and general business management support.

When you partner with Dataintro, we will engage you in a strategic, long-term commitment. Dataintro rewards its partners for their continued investment in the partnership, and we are prepared and determined to support your success.

Partner Access