Dataintro's portfolio of paper data capture solutions proposes a comprehensive approach for resolving the need organizations have to feed their systems with accurate data. Dataintro offers solutions that meet any paper data capture process running in your organization — no matters if you are doing Manual Keying, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or barcoding.

Ultraforms<sup>®</sup> PDS<sup>®</sup>
Ultraforms® Technology provides a unique opportunity to use two dimensional barcodes for reducing costs in traditional data capture operations. Compared with traditional manual keying, the estimated cost savings ratio is 20:1; compared with OCR, the ratio is 5:1 or higher. PDS® allows you to unify all of your paper-based data capture processes throughout the enterprise, no matter if they are in different departments, businesses or geographies. It's been designed to dramatically reduce your global paper data capture costs.