Ultraforms®: Capturing Data with 100% Accuracy

The Challenge

Organizations worldwide need to capture data from incoming paper forms, to make their back-end processes run.

Paper forms continue to play a critical role in the processes of many organizations, even as electronic automation grows in adoption. While we are great supporters of the concept of "pure electronic processes", which reduce the use of paper to some extent, the fact is that most of today’s forms are still on paper, and their data has to be captured from paper.

While paper forms are familiar to end users, processing them can be costly to your company. This is especially true if your business requires high volumes of signed documents to meet regulatory or legal requirements.

The current forms processing techniques (OCR, ICR, OMR, etc.) try to behave like humans reading "human style" characters. Although these techniques have evolved in the last years, they still produce a number of errors and false positives that need to be corrected by expensive personnel.

Ultraforms® outperforms these techniques by providing with 100% accurate results, while measurably reducing the costs associated to your data capture process.

The Consequences

A substantial amount of money is spent on data capture systems and on the staff needed to make them run. Currently, the most used techniques are Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Manual Keying. Although these have evolved, none of them are 100% error free data capture solutions. The main problems associated with these data capture techniques are:

  • High labor costs: due to double re-entry or even triple re-entry of data (Manual Keying).
  • Produce errors and false positives and require costly manual re-checking (OCR).
  • High cost to fix the errors. Even higher costs to fix false positives.
  • Moderate to low speed data capture processes.

Our Solution

Ultraforms®: A powerful 2D barcode generation engine specifically designed to work with PDF fillable forms.

Embedded inside PDF fillable Forms, Ultraforms® provides a unique opportunity to reduce costs from traditional data capture operations. Compared with data captured through traditional Manual Keying, the estimated cost savings ratio is 20:1. Compared with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), it provides a higher level of accuracy (100%) in the data capture process, which can result in cost savings of five times or higher.

Once Ultraforms® is implemented, our customers have been able to:

  • Reduce costs from traditional data capture operations.
  • Reduce time needed to capture data.
  • Make the data available to other systems/processes faster, accelerating time-to-market.
  • 100% accuracy in the data capture process.
  • Minimize the number of problems that need to be solved in the data capture process.

The Dataintro Difference

Private companies and government organizations worldwide are already using Ultraforms® to cut costs, increase productivity and accelerate business processes.

Industries of all types, such as Government (State, Federal and Local), Education, Health, Clinical Trials, Human Resources, Insurance, Banking, Logistics, etc. can benefit from using Ultraforms®.

Dataintro Software serves a wide range of customers in a variety of markets, from small data entry service bureaus to large universities and government agencies around the world. All of our customers have a common need to feed critical and sensible information from paper forms into their back-end systems.