About Dataintro

Founded in 1997, Dataintro Software SL is the leading provider of 2D barcode generation technologies for PDF Forms.
In 2014 Dataintro Software has been acquired by Foxit Corporation. Click here to see the Press Release.

We are experts in deploying barcoding solutions based in the PDF document format. Our clients are large private companies and government agencies worldwide. The solutions we provide translate into cost savings, higher productivity and better efficiency. All of the above also translates into customer and/or citizen service quality improvement.

Combining industry-specific expertise, best-in-class technology and proven professional services, Dataintro delivers a level of operational excellence unmatched in the industry. By working with Dataintro, you will achieve greater levels of efficiency in your data capture processes beyond traditional ones. Additionally, you can expect to lower your operating costs and also to learn how to better utilize your assets. Dataintro positively affects your paper data capture and overall business process management by accelerating your ability to retrieve critical decision-making data or financial transactions.

Mission Statement

Dataintro is committed to reducing the inefficiencies and costs associated to processes that involve capturing data from paper documents. Our products will allow any organization to reduce the expenditure of their data capture processes. Our products will be simple to understand, easy to use, and will also facilitate capturing the information with the highest degree of accuracy and less costs, while providing measurable value to the customer.

Best-In-Class Technology

We are committed to developing a worldwide presence for our flagship product, Ultraforms®, a revolutionary way of capturing data from paper forms. Ultraforms® is the result of several years of continuous effort dedicated to develop and deliver some of the very best State of the Art solutions in the market.

Based in 2D barcodes combined with PDF Fillable Forms, Ultraforms® brings paper forms and back-end systems closer than ever before, guaranteeing 100% accuracy in the data capture process. Our best-in-class technology positively impacts and accelerates your day-to-day business operations, giving you easy and instant data capture.

Our People Values: Dedication, Innovation and Diversity

Dataintro Software understands that quality service is what customers care most about. This is what makes our people so important. Our success depends not only on the quality of our people and the solutions they create, but also the quality of how we conduct business - interacting with customers, partners, the community and each other- with a total commitment to excellence.

All people in Dataintro are problem solvers, who care deeply about their clients, and who want things to happen. They are people capable of helping clients productively work through the issues and choices that are at in every data capture process.

We select people who share our aspiration to create a new kind of software firm, one where intellectual content combines with a diverse array of human and technical assets to help our client organizations to optimize their paper data capture process. We are a firm that offers rich learning experiences and that rewards and promotes people based on the value they create, not on arbitrary measures such as seniority.

We need the best people in our organization to help us achieve our corporate ideals, and we will not limit our options because of sex, race, national origin, age, religion, disability, or veteran status. We celebrate diversity.

Our employees collaborate and communicate across cultures to meet the needs of and provide quality service to our diversified customer base. The leadership team at Dataintro Software is proud of our employees whose passion and creativity drive innovation.

Dataintro Today

Dataintro continues to thrive with its culture of innovation and excellence in customer service. We are leveraging our expertise and knowledge base to improve customer processes in order to develop better solutions, products, and ultimately business management processes.