NYC Department of Finance Selects Ultraforms® Technology To Eliminate Data Entry Costs

SACRAMENTO, California - January 20, 2008
The New York City Department of Finance has selected Ultraforms®, Dataintro's flagship product, to eliminate data entry costs associated with their paper forms data capture process.

"Dataintro is definitely a customer-first business. The training we've received in developing and programming forms has gone well beyond what we expected. Dataintro is a company I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a 2D barcode solution for forms processing." says Tom Arnold, NYC Department of Finance, Office of Technology Solutions.

NYC Department of Finance intends on applying Ultraforms® to a collection of 150 forms. To this end, a Citywide Enterprise Use license has been acquired. The ability to add advanced data capture capabilities to its entire forms collection will allow for streamlined data processing of incoming paper forms. Dataintro Software is participating in the forms conversion process by providing support in the design and development of this forms collection.

As Tom Arnold notes, "The partnership of NYC Department of Finance, Bank of America, and Dataintro Software has been critical in the overall success of this endeavor."

Dataintro Software, the leading provider of 2D Barcode generation technologies for PDF forms, prides itself on supporting Tax Revenue Agencies worldwide. This includes providing software products such as Ultraforms®, and the latest member of the Dataintro family PDS®. Support extends to providing professional tax form development services and concludes with expert technical support. As with all of our areas of business Dataintro Software strives to make the end result, a solution to capturing data from paper intensive processes.

About Dataintro Software

DATAINTRO SOFTWARE is a privately owned software company with offices in Sacramento, California. We are the leading provider of 2D barcode generation technologies for PDF Forms, and are a highly specialized company in the Paper Process Automation area. Our clients are large private companies and government agencies worldwide. The solutions we provide translate into cost savings, higher productivity and better efficiency. All of the above also translates into customer and/or citizen service quality improvement.

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