The Indiana University Vector Production Facility (IU VPF) selects Ultraforms® for Capturing Gene Therapy related Data Into a National Database

Indiana, USA - May 01, 2004
Dataintro Software, the leading provider of 2D Barcode generation technologies for Acrobat® PDF Forms, announces that the Indiana University Vector Production Facility (IU VPF) has selected Ultraforms® Technology for implementation on capturing gene therapy related data into a National database.

The Indiana University Vector Production Facility is part of the Indiana University School of Medicine's Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics and the National Gene Vector Laboratories (NGVL). It is located in the Cancer Research Institute building on the Indiana University Medical Center, part of the Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis campus.

The IU VPF is a core laboratory within the Indiana University School of Medicine dedicated to the development of gene therapy technology. It can assist investigators interested in generating retroviral, lentiviral and other gene transfer vectors. This effort is funded through a variety of NIH Core grants, including the NGVL program.

To date, the Indiana University NGVL has certified 18 different retroviral vectors for clinical trials throughout the United States.

For the purposes of the IU VPF, it needed a simple and secure method for submitting the necessary gene therapy information which also allowed them to protect the privacy of gene therapy patients.

The IU VPF also needed a reliable method for allowing gene therapy clinicians to fill out the form, submit it to the IU VPF on paper and then have the IU VPF transfer that information into the gene therapy database. Forms filled out by hand have unacceptably high error rates in transfers to databases and "pure electronic forms" require significant infrastructure and technical support to ensure security.

"By creating a fill-able PDF form that converts the supplied information into 2D barcodes suitable for easy reading into a database, Ultraforms® Technology has precisely met our needs in a way that not only allows easy, secure and private submission of information but it virtually eliminates errors of data entry into our database", said Chris Ballas, Ph.D. Manager at Indiana University VPF, once evaluated the different solutions (some of them OCR based) in the data capture market.

"Data entry into the database is also made quick and efficient -simply scan the 2D barcodes on the printed form and the data is transferred to the database. The data in the database can then be verified from the printed form to further ensure accuracy. We researched the available options, but only Ultraforms® provided a solution that met all our needs cost effectively and simply. We are very happy with our decision" continued Mr. Ballas.

In words of Enrique Ramos, Business Development Director at Dataintro Software, "Ultraforms® Technology is considered as the most reliable way of capturing sensible data from clinical trials, as long as the data has to be captured from paper. We are proud to have been selected by Indiana University's, Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics. We are also glad to assist in improving human health through research in genetics and application of the knowledge gained, towards education and clinical service".

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